Individual Details

Thomas Angell

(1616 - 1694)

At Find A Grave: Nothing is known about Thomas Angell before he came to New England as a boy, except that all the genealogical theories posted online are wrong. He was a minor when he arrive in America, maybe a servant or secretary to someone. He connected with Roger Williams and helped Williams settle and create Rhode Island. He was a commissioner, juryman, and constable. He signed the Providence Civil Compact -We, whose names are hereunder do promise to subject ourselves in active or passive obedience to all such orders or agreements as shall be made for public good of our body, in an orderly way-. Signer of Providence agreement for a government with John Field, 38 others, -Witness our Hand - although our abilities are far short in such weighty matters … we have gone the fairest and equallest way to produce our peace.- Thomas's will leave to daughters Amphillis Smith, Mary Arnold, Deborah Sabeere, Alice Whipple, and Margery Whipple, each 2s. To wife Alice, the dwelling house while widow, and plot of ground adjoining, for a little garden, and the house to be kept in repair by son James.


CivilOctober 8, 1635Banished with Roger Williams
Marriage1636Providence, British America - Alice Ashton
Residence1636Providence, British America
Civil1637Providence, British America
CivilJuly 27, 1640Providence, British America
WillMay 23, 1685Providence, British America
Death1694Providence, British America
ProbateSeptember 14, 1694Providence, British America


SpouseAlice Ashton (1617 - 1694)
ChildAmphyllis Angell (1636 - 1694)
ChildDeborah Angell (1639 - 1710)
ChildMary Angell (1645 - 1694)
ChildJohn Angell (1646 - 1720)
ChildAlice Angell (1649 - 1743)
ChildJames Angell (1651 - 1711)
ChildHope Angell (1653 - 1685)
ChildMargaret Angell (1665 - 1703)