Individual Details

Grace Bett

(1634 - June 6, 1705)

Grace Bett was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts probably around 1634, parents unknown, last name is not verified it could have been Burr, Butts, Bell. She married Edward Morris September 20, 1655 in Boston. The Morrisses lived in Boston and Roxbury then were early settlers of Woodstock, Connecticut. Grace's death is recorded on June 6, 1705 in Roxbury and she is probably buried inRoxbury with a memorial headstone in Woodstock.


Birth1634Roxbury, British America
MarriageSeptember 20, 1655Boston, British America - Edward Morris
DeathJune 6, 1705Roxbury, British America


SpouseEdward Morris (1630 - 1689)
ChildEdward Morris (1658 - 1727)
ChildGrace Morris (1661 - 1723)