Individual Details

John George Harter

(June 3, 1764 - June 7, 1833)

John George Harter married Elizabeth Bowman. They left Pennsylvania for Ohio in 1805. He and his brother's family were some of the first settlers in Stark County, Ohio. In 1796 he owned 150 acres of land and perhaps inherited his father in law's land. He was a Lutheran.


BirthJune 3, 1764Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage1790Elizabeth Bowman
ResidenceApril, 1809Plain, Stark, Ohio, United States
Census1820Jackson, Stark, Ohio, United States
Census1830Plain, Stark, Ohio, United States
DeathJune 7, 1833Plain, Stark, Ohio, United States
ProbateAugust 5, 1833Stark, Ohio, United States
MilitaryDauphin, Pennsylvania, United States


SpouseElizabeth Bowman (1769 - 1864)
ChildElizabeth Harter (1795 - 1887)
ChildChristina Harter (1811 - 1879)
FatherMathias Harter (1737 - 1790)
MotherAnna Mary Shuler (1737 - 1816)