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(5 October 1774 - 1 January 1835)

The Kittochtinny Historical Society, Vol. II, p. 320
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200 acres to John Hargleroad in 1831.
The lands of the Finleys and those of his surrounding neighbors all are now owned by those of German descent. Tracing the various land transfers through the last 150 years, affords the clearest history of the manner in which the Sccotch-Irish were supplanted by the Germans on the lands not only in this neighborhood, but elsewhere in the rural districts of our county.
A portion of the original John Finley land passed at his death to his son, John Finley, and then to Christian Kreider. . .Amother portion was sold in 1794 to John Miers. This land lay around the crossroads. Myers added an adjoing tract bought from David Mahan and in 1824 willed both tracts to his son, George Myers, who sold the same, about 200 A., to John Herchelroth (Hargleroad) in 1831. John C. Hargleroad, in the fourth generation of this name, is the present owner of the homestead portion. All that portion of the village of Culbertson west of the Western Maryland R.R. is built upon the Hargleroad land that originally was owned by John Finley.


BIRTH: also given as 5 Oct 1782

Hargleroad Genealogy by Stringfellow:
John first married Maria ________ and had a son Laurence, born in 1798. This union was shakey from the start with accusations by John that Maria had tried to poison him. The length of this marriage is uncertain, but undoubtedly of short duration and ended in Lancaster Co. After John's separation and divorce he married Elizabeth Etter. Family stories indicate they were married in Lancaster Co. However other indications support their marriage to have occured in Franklin Co., PA. This would appear to be more valid when you consider that John's son Laurence, to his first wife, was born in 1798, the same year in which he bought his farm in Franklin County. In addition, John's first child born to Elizabeth Etter was born in 1811, thirteen years after he purchased the Franklin County farm.

by Melvin Hargleroad:
Franklin Co. was taken from Cumberland Co. in 1784 and Cumberland Co. was taken from Lancaster Co. in 1750. Lancaster taken out of Chester Co. 1729 and Chester Co. was the original created in 1682.


Birth5 October 1774Near Middle Creek, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Christen30 October 1774Reiher's Reformed Church, Brickerville, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Residence18 April 1798purchased farm from David Hess - Near Chambersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania
MarriageAbt 1809Guilford Twp., Chambersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania - Elizabeth ETTER
Will9 November 1834, Franklin, Pennsylvania
Burial1835Marion, Franklin, Pennsylvania
Death1 January 1835Guilford Twp., Chambersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania
BurialSalem Lutheran Church Cem., Marion, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
NotesCemetery/church description - Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church
Occupationfarmer, owned 2 farms - Guilford Twp., Chambersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania
Propertyearly 1800spurchased additional farm - Green Twp., Franklin, Pennsylvania
Occupationcooper, farmer


SpouseElizabeth ETTER (1786 - 1845)
ChildCatherine HARGLEROAD (1811 - 1898)
ChildMaria HARGLEROAD (1813 - 1896)
ChildJohn HARGLEROAD (1814 - 1896)
ChildJacob HARGLEROAD (1819 - 1901)
ChildChristian HARGLEROAD (1823 - 1890)
ChildMichael E. HARGLEROAD (1824 - 1904)
SpouseMaria HERCHELROTH ( - )
ChildLorentz HERCHELROTH (1798 - 1860)
FatherLorentz HERCHELROTH (1739 - 1804)
MotherCatharina Maragaretha QUICKEL (1745 - 1827)
SiblingCatherine HERCHELROTH (1764 - 1817)
SiblingElizabeth HERCHELROTH (1768 - 1830)
SiblingHenry HERCHELROTH (1771 - )
SiblingLorentz HERCHELROTH (1772 - 1822)
SiblingBarbara HERCHELROTH (1773 - 1862)
SiblingJuliana HERCHELROTH (1777 - )
SiblingAnna Maria HERCHELROTH (1778 - )
SiblingEva HERCHELROTH (1780 - )