Individual Details

Benjamin Paul Swain

(Abt, 1813 - 1847)

Benjamin Swain was born about 1813 maybe in Indiana. He married Polly Ann Howard maybe also in Indiana. He and Polly were pioneers in Lake, Illinois. Benjamin built a sawmill and a dam there. He was appointed tax collector, on a temperance committee and purchased land. He died at age 34 and left a will. One historical book on Lake, Illinois describes him, "This man was one of the few Americans among the pioneers of Shields, and was known to his neighbors as “Yankee” Swain (Nantucket!). He was a big, powerful man, of commanding personality, and was respected by the whole community."


BirthAbt, 1813United States
MarriageAbt, 1833Polly Ann Howard
Residence1835Shields Township - Lake, Illinois, United States
Residence1837Lake, Illinois, United States
Census1840Lake, Illinois, United States
CivilMay 25, 1842Land purchase - Illinois, United States
CivilJuly 10, 1844Land purchase 61.9 acres - Illinois, United States
ResidenceJune 11, 1845Temperance committee
Death1847Illinois, United States
ProbateJuly 1, 1847Lake, Illinois, United States
CivilTax collector


SpousePolly Ann Howard (1813 - 1858)
ChildJohn Howard Swain (1836 - 1850)
ChildSarah Ann Swain (1838 - 1889)
ChildMary Louisa Swain (1841 - 1905)
ChildWilliam E. Swain (1845 - 1864)
FatherPlaceholder Swain (1780 - 1850)