Individual Details

George Denison

(December, 1620 - October 23, 1694)

George was a big man, in military, in England, and in Connecticut. He sailed at age 11 on the Lion with his father and family including a tutor who would go on to become Apostle to the Indians, John Eliot. George married Bridget, she died within 3 years, maybe his heart was broken he left his daughters with his parents and went back to England to fight in wars. He was injured then sent to John Borodell's home where Ann Borodell, dau. of John, was his nurse. They married and came to America. He fought in King Philip's War, a leader in ten expeditions against the Indians, in one he captured Canonchet. George was active in his community, he and Ann were described as remarkably good looking and charismatic people.


BirthDecember, 1620Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
BaptismDecember 10, 1620England
Arrival1631on the Lyon
Marriage1640Roxbury, British America - Bridget Thompson
MarriageAbt, 1645Ann Borodell
CivilDecember 29, 1670Stonington, British America
WillNovember 20, 1693
DeathOctober 23, 1694Hartford, British America
ProbateJune, 1695
MilitaryKing Philip War
BurialAncient Burying Ground, Hartford, Connecticut, United States


SpouseAnn Borodell (1615 - 1712)
ChildMargaret Denison (1657 - 1741)
ChildJohn Borodell Denison (1646 - 1698)
SpouseBridget Thompson (1610 - 1642)
FatherWilliam Denison (1571 - 1653)
MotherMargaret Chandler (1575 - 1645)