Individual Details

John Whipple

(21 Dec 1617 - 16 May 1685)

John Whipple was born in Essex England December 21 1617. He arrived in Boston about 1632 "as a young, unmarried servant". He was a carpenter, a Deputy, a member of the General Court, a selectman, Treasurer, Surveyor and he signed his name to deeds. He was one "who staid and went not away" during King Philip's War so was 'entitled to Indian slaves'. He married Sarah (unknown) Whipple, she died in her 40s leaving him a single father to seven pretty young children. Hiss will took care to treat his children equally, "having many children and to prevent all differences that otherwise may hereafte arise".


Birth21 Dec 1617Essex, England
Arrival16 Sep 1632Boston, British America
Civil3 Oct 1632Dorchester, British America
Civil13 May 1639Freeman - Massachusetts, British America
Marriage1641Dorchester, British America - Sarah Unknown Whipple
Civil1676King Philip War those who staid
Will8 May 1682Providence, British America
Death16 May 1685Providence, British America
Probate27 May 1685Providence, British America
BurialProvidence, Rhode Island, United States
CivilTown services
OccupationOrchardist, farmer


SpouseSarah Unknown Whipple (1624 - 1666)
ChildDavid Whipple (1636 - 1700)
ChildWilliam Whipple (1638 - 1700)
ChildJohn Whipple (1640 - 1700)
ChildSarah Whipple (1641 - 1687)
ChildSamuel Whipple (1644 - 1711)
ChildEleazer Whipple (1646 - 1719)
ChildMary Whipple (1648 - 1698)
ChildBenjamin Whipple (1654 - 1704)
ChildAbigail Whipple (1658 - 1725)
ChildJoseph Whipple (1660 - 1746)
ChildJonathan Whipple (1664 - 1721)