Individual Details

Michael Metcalfe

(June 17, 1587 - December 24, 1664)

Michael left England for religious freedom, "I was persecuted in the land of my fathers' sepulchers for not bowing at the name of Jesus and observing the ceremonies enforced upon me at the instance of Bishop Wren of Norwich." He, his wife Susan, their children and a servant landed in Boston June on 1637. Michael was a townsmen, a selectman and on the committee to create the meeting house. His will left various possessions and money amounts to his 2nd wife Mary, children and grandchildren


BirthJune 17, 1587Norfolk, England
MarriageOctober 13, 1616England, United Kingdom - Sarah Ellwyn
Arrival1637Boston, British America
Residence1637Tatterford, Norfolk, England
WillSeptember 15, 1664Dedham, British America
DeathDecember 24, 1664Dedham, British America
ProbateFebruary 1, 1665Suffolk, British America
BurialOld Village Cemetery, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
OccupationDornix weaver


SpouseSarah Ellwyn (1593 - 1644)
ChildJane Metcalfe (1632 - 1701)
ChildMichael Metcalfe (1620 - 1654)