Individual Details

Peter Cloyes

(May 16, 1639 - July 18, 1708)

Peter Cloyes was born in Massachusetts. He had 3 wives and several children. He was an original member of the Salem church but left Salem before or during the witch delusion. Sarah Twone, 2nd wife and her sisters were accused as witches, Peter either broke Sarah out of jail or paid her fines and they went to Framingham, Massachusetts. Peter was a Town Treasurer and held other town positions in Framingham. He and 2nd wife Sarah Towne Bridges Cloyes lived in a home that is still standing.


BirthMay 16, 1639Watertown, British America
Civil1647Court, a bill paid - Boston, British America
MarriageAbt, 1662Salem, British America - Hannah Littlefield
CivilDecember 12, 1677Mother in law's will
MarriageAbt, 1683Salem, British America - Sarah Towne
ReligionNovember 19, 1689Salem, British America
ResidenceAugust 31, 1692Salem, British America
MarriageJanuary 2, 1704Watertown, British America - Susanna Beeres
Probate1708Middlesex, British America
DeathJuly 18, 1708Framingham, British America
CivilTown services - Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States


SpouseSarah Towne (1637 - 1703)
SpouseHannah Littlefield (1633 - 1680)
ChildSarah Cloyes (1666 - 1700)
ChildMary Cloyes (1677 - 1740)
SpouseSusanna Beeres (1649 - 1708)
FatherJohn Cloyes (1610 - 1676)
MotherAbigail Mournings (1615 - 1656)