Individual Details

Henry Gaines

(Abt, 1612 - Abt, 1644)

Henry was born in England. He sailed with William Partridge to America where he became a freeman in Massachusetts Bay Colony March 14, 1638. Either in America or England Henry married Jane Partridge. Henry and Jane both die in their 30s, Henry leaves no will, his widow leaves and inventory. Their three sons are set up in apprenticeships. Some sources state that the early deaths were due to 'poverty and toil'.


BirthAbt, 1612England
Marriage1632Jane Joan Partridge
Residence1637Lynn, British America
Civil1638Lynn, British America
CivilMarch 14, 1638Freeman
CivilJune 29, 1641Juryman - Lynn, British America
CivilOctober 27, 1642Juryman - Lynn, British America
DeathAbt, 1644Lynn, British America
ProbateJanuary 14, 1644Massachusetts, British America


SpouseJane Joan Partridge (1612 - 1644)
ChildSamuel Gaines (1638 - 1700)
FatherNicholas Gaines (1570 - 1612)
MotherAlice Gaines (1570 - 1612)
SiblingWillaim Gaines ( - )