Individual Details

Isaac Tubbs

(September 6, 1682 - March 27, 1749)

Isaac Tubbs was born in 1682 one of 11 children of Samuel and Mary Wiley Tubbs. Isaac married Marah Smith they had 9 children, owned land and farmed. Isaac was also a shoemaker. Isaac had some mental issues. He tried to castrate himself and involved his neighbors. He spent several years under distress so his wife had to appeal to the courts to sell some land to support her children.


BirthSeptember 6, 1682Lyme, British America
Marriage1709Lyme, British America - Marah Martha Smith
ResidenceSeptember, 1727Lyme, British America
CivilMay, 1744Lyme, British America
DeathMarch 27, 1749Lyme, British America
BurialBanty Cemetery, East Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States


SpouseMarah Martha Smith (1686 - 1761)
ChildEzekiel Tubbs (1727 - 1791)
FatherSamuel Tubbs (1638 - 1695)
MotherMary Willey (1648 - 1730)