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Dr. Heinrich "Henry" Türkel

(29 Jun 1903 - 14 Aug 1992)

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Medical Tribune, International Medical News
Volume 24, Number 3. Wednesday, February, 9, 1983
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The pioneering work on a treatment program for Down’s syndrome was begun over
fifty years ago by the late Henry Turkel, M.D. Dr. Turkel’s treatments, which he
called his “U series” medications, consisted of a combination of nutrients and
drugs formulated to compensate for some of the metabolic errors which result from
the extra 21st chromosome (called trisomy 21) which causes Down’s syndrome.
Turkel’s U-series contained vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, digestive enzymes,
lipotropic nutrients, an amino acid, and numerous drugs (thyroid hormone,
antihistamines, nasal decongestants, and a diuretic). The FDA stopped the interstate
distribution of Turkel’s U-series medications and refused to issue a New Drug
Application for them. Nevertheless, U-series medications were determined to be
legal for distribution within the state of Michigan, where over 5,000 patients were
treated with some success.

was named Heinrich at birth
Podwo³oczyska Jewish Birth Records (1877-1893 and 1901-1910) database, fond 300, signature 2661, page 155, 156, AKT number 85. The original records are held in AGAD (Archiwum Glowne Akt Dawnych) – The Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw, Poland and were added to this search engine on 27 December 2013. An image of this record can also be viewed on AGAD microfilm #106485.The Gesher Galicia unique record ID is GG-Podwoloczyska-Births-272.


Birth29 Jun 1903Podwoloczyska, Galicia, Austria-Hungary
Arrival22 Dec 1923SS Yorck - Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany, Elis Island, New York, United States
Census1930Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States
Residence1930Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States
Marriage23 Aug 1936Dorothy Jean Goldberg
Departure27 Aug 1936New York, New York, United States
Arrival14 Sep 1936New York, New York, United States
Residence1938 - 19402636 Calvert Ave, Detriot, Wayne, Michigan, United States
Soc Sec NoBef 1951377-10-2010 Michigan
Divorce1958Dorothy Jean Goldberg
Marriage1959United States - Sarah Rachel Getter
Occupation1988 - 1992U.S. Consulate - Jerusalem, Israel
Residence1988 - 199218 Sderot Shai Agnon, Jerusalem, Israel
ResidenceBef 1988Southfield, Michigan, United States
Immigration12 Dec 1988from the United States, Israel
DeathAug 1992U.S. Consulate, Jerusalem, Israel
Death14 Aug 1992Masada, Israel
BurialAft 14 Aug 1992plot 401, section 5, row 2, grave 28 - Har Hamenuchot Cemetery, Giv`at Sha'ul, Jerusalem, Israel
Alt nameHeinrich Turkel
Alt nameHeinrich
Alt nameHenry Turkel
Alt nameHenry Ab Turkel
OccupationMedical Doctor - Detriot, Wayne, Michigan, United States


SpouseDorothy Jean Goldberg (1911 - 1997)
ChildMargot Elaine Turkel (1939 - 2019)
ChildEllen G. Turkel (1940 - 2009)
ChildHope Goldberg-Turkel
ChildRobert "Beckwitt" Turkel
SpouseSarah Rachel Getter (1917 - 2011)
FatherHillel Turkel (1877 - 1941)
MotherFreida "Frime" Segal (1879 - 1963)
SiblingSimon Türkel (1900 - 1984)
SiblingGeorge "Georg" Turkel (1905 - 1996)
SiblingMalvina "Malwisia" Turkel (1910 - 2001)