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Rabbi Mordechai Türkl

(Abt 1801 - Abt 1844)

Mordechai is likely a descendant of Peretz Turkl, son of Solomon (Shlomo) ha-Sepharadi of New Rausnitz,
Shlomo had been kidnapped as a child by the Turks according to a legend:
Mordechai Turkl (1801-1844) is the "founder" of webmaster clan.
He was born about the same year as , Markus (1801-1891) the founder of Andrews' clan.. Webmaster's mother once mentioned a family connection to Binshtok, therefore webmaster believes that both are quite related. They can't be the same person due to the presumed year of death: the first died on 1844 and the second on 1891.
Mordechai could be a nephew of Peissach from Rousinov-the father of Moses, Barbara and Abraham.

Mordechai might be the same Modechai Terkel (born est. 1795-1805)
the husband of Bella and father of Issac (born 1822);
IF SO, his son Israel-Menachen (b.1830-1832) is a bother of Issac (b.1822);

Other possible sons are:
[father of David] Turkel
Jacob? Turkel who married Bela Silverman
who lived in Podwoloczyska having three children:
Chaim Charles Turkel
Beryl (Bernard) Turkel
Meir (Meyer) Turkel


BirthAbt 1801Tarnopol district, Galicia, Austria-Hungary
DeathAbt 1844Tarnopol district, Galicia, Austria-Hungary
ReligionJewish Chasidic family
Hebrew nameמרדכי