Individual Details

Rabbi Israel Menachem Halevi "Alter" Türkl

(1830 - 5 Mar 1892)

We don't know yet the names of Alter's siblings
(see notes for his father, Mordechai).

They could be one or more of the following indivuduals:
1. Issac b.~1822
2. [father of David] Turkel
3. Jacob? Turkel who married Bela Silverman and who lived in Podwoloczyska, Galicia having three children:
4. Chaim Turkel or Chaim Charles Turkel of Podwoloczyska, Galicia
5. Meir (Meyer) Turkel

There could be additional few sisters.


Birth1830Galicia, Austria-Hungary
Death5 Mar 1892Trembowla, Galicia, Austria-Hungary
Alt nameAlter Türkl
Alt nameAlter Türkel
Alt nameAlter Terkel
ReligionJewish Chasidic family
Hebrew nameישראל מנחם אלטר