Individual Details

Rabbi Alter "Israel Menachem Halevi" Türkl

(1830 - 5 Mar 1892)

We first learned about his existence from Shulamit Hakkenbruch (nee Wilner) who is the great-grandaughter of Alter from his first wife, Esther-Yehudit (Babcha). Shulamit claimed his name was Israel Menachem. The name Alter was not mentioned.

We learn about his preferred name Alter (not Israel Menachem) from four marriage records, of his children:
1. Bine Rose (daughter of Esther Yehudit Nusenbaum)
2. Lipe Eli (son of Esther Yehudit Nusenbaum)
3. Yona and (son of Gitel Altenberg)
4. Hersch (son of Gitel Altenberg)

We don't know yet the names of Alter's siblings (see notes regarding his father, Mordechai).

They could be one or more of the following individuals:
1. Issac b.~1822
2. [father of David] Turkel
3. Jacob? Turkel who married Bela Silverman and who lived in Podwoloczyska, Galicia having three children:
4. Chaim Turkel or Chaim Charles Turkel of Podwoloczyska, Galicia
5. Meir (Meyer) Turkel

There could be additional sisters.


Birth1830Galicia, Austria-Hungary
Death5 Mar 1892Trembowla, Galicia, Austria-Hungary
Alt nameAlter Türkl
Alt nameAlter Türkel
Alt nameAlter Terkel
Alt nameIsrael Menachem Halevi Türkl
ReligionJewish Chasidic family
Hebrew nameאלטר ישראל מנחם