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Reginald de Dunstanville, 1st Earl of Cornwall

(1110 - 1 Jul 1175)

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Reginald de Dunstanville (c. 1110 – 1 July 1175) (alias Reginald FitzRoy, Reginald FitzHenry, Rainald, etc., French: Renaud de Donstanville or de Dénestanville) was an Anglo-Norman nobleman and an illegitimate son of King Henry I (1100–1135). He became Earl of Cornwall and High Sheriff of Devon.


Reginald was born in Dénestanville in the Duchy of Normandy, an illegitimate son of King Henry I (1100–1135) by his mistress Sybilla Corbet,[1] a daughter and co-heiress of Sir Robert Corbet, lord of the manor of Alcester, Warwickshire, who was at some time the wife of "Herbert the King's Chamberlain".

During the war between Matilda and Stephen, Reginald, who supported Matilda, was in control of Cornwall. Subsequently forced out of Cornwall by Stephen's forces, Reginald lost the earldom to Alan of Richmond.[2] By 1141, Stephen's forces had been beaten and Reginald was invested with the Earldom of Cornwall by his half-sister Matilda in 1141.[a][3] In about 1173 he granted a charter to his free burgesses of Truro in Cornwall, and addressed his meetings at Truro to "All men both Cornish and English" suggesting a differentiation of nations. He served as High Sheriff of Devon from 1173 to 1174.
Marriage and progeny[edit]

Reginald married Mabel FitzRichard, daughter of William FitzRichard, a substantial landholder in Cornwall, by whom he had the following progeny:
Nicholas de Dunstanville (1136–1175).
Hawyse (or Denise) de Dunstanville (1138–21 April 1162), wife of Richard de Redvers, 2nd Earl of Devon.
Maud FitzRoy de Dunstanville of Cornwall (b. 1143, Dunstanville, Kent, England), wife of Sir Robert de Beaumont, Count of Meulan[4]
Ursula de Dunstanville (b. 1145), wife of Walter de Dunstanville, Lord Castlecomb.
Sarah de Dunstanville (b. 1147), wife of Ademar V, Viscount of Limoges.
Reginald de Dunstanville (b. c. 1152).
Joan FitzRoy (b. c. 1150), wife of Ralph de Valletort, feudal baron of Trematon in Cornwall.Illegitimate progeny[edit]

Reginald also had illegitimate children by his mistress Beatrice de Vaux (also known as de Valle), the daughter of Hubert I de Vaux, later the wife of William Brewer:
Henry FitzCount (d. 1222), Sheriff of Cornwall and Earl of Cornwall.[5]
William FitzCount.Death and burial[edit]

Reginald died at Chertsey, Surrey, and was buried in Reading Abbey.[6]

 Malmesbury states Robert of Gloucester invested Reginald as Earl of Cornwall[2]References[edit]

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Death1 Jul 1175Chertsey, Surrey, England


SpouseMabel fitzRichard ( - )
ChildEmma de Dunstanville ( - )
FatherHenry I "Beauclerc," King of England (1068 - 1135)
MotherSybilla Corbet (1097 - )
SiblingEmma ( - )
SiblingConstance ( - )