Ruth's Genealogy

This site contains the ancestry of Victor Earl Hall of Gainesville, Texas and Maryland Sue Stanley of Fort Worth, Texas.
Frequent surnames are Hall, Stanley, Carr, Rogers, Turner, Carroll, Dixon, Bennett, Kennedy, Carrico, McBurnett and Vance.
Locations include Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and Wyoming.
Genealogy is about sharing. All of my sources are here, but no documents and only primary photos when possible. If you see anyone here who might belong in your own family history, please contact me. In most cases, I am happy to share what I have.



Ruth Stephens
Benbrook, Texas

Email: NolJecrh6aKRDuKKhAuCtJPpqvmhtdj97msZIA-fF.bnAcXfgFvQMW_ecuOsK9nE4bN28e0PEpOJaVQXjSIlpm45YPo419HiHgFMAGoqyCd67sJ@Fbnqk6gYzgRt5mulVrT3aZmEoSSiEjVzebl8JdkZn.eMNlr6ceMg04ZoRR_j5Sm
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