Robbins - Foulke - Haas - Worthen Pages

These pages present the story of my family and a little about their lives. My Family History pursuit began in a modest way by talking to, and gathering information from, three Family Members: Myron Foulke Robbins, Sr , Wilma Haas Lucas and Marjorie Haas Van Couwenberghe. They were more than generous with their time and data. It is because of their kindness that I have continued down this road.

These pages contain most of the information I have collected on my non-living ancestors. Living persons are indicated only by the word "Living" when needed to hold their place in the pedigree charts or family sheet, etc.

There are no images on this site to conserve bandwidth and to speed page loading. I have attached numerous Links to the Documents. If any of the links fail to open please contact me. I have attached photos to the RobbHaas Family Pages which can be accessed by the links below.

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Walt Robbins, Jr.

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