Individual Details

Thomas Clemence

(1634 - 1688)

Thomas was born in England, his parents unknown. He married Elizabeth, her parents also unknown. Both were living in Providence, Rhode Island. Thomas's home is recorded at the Library of Congress with photos, floor plans, construction details, 'this house is probably the most authentic surviving example of a seventeenth-century, stone-ender Rhode Island House'. Thomas was 'One of those who staid and went not away' during King Philips War. He was a big supporter of peace, endorsed the idea, of a local document: Salus Populi, health of the people. He and Elizabeth had children, they deeded land to their kids.


MarriageAbt, 1650Providence, British America - Elizabeth Unknown Clemence
CivilJanuary 9, 1654Land, 8 acres of meadow - Providence, British America
Civil1655Freeman - Providence, British America
CivilFebruary 19, 1665Land
Civil1676Providence, British America
Civil1681Land deed to son - Providence, British America
Death1688Providence, British America
WillMay 16, 1688Providence, British America
CivilTown services - Providence, British America


SpouseElizabeth Unknown Clemence (1632 - 1721)
ChildRichard Clemence (1659 - 1723)
ChildThomas Clemence (1655 - 1723)
ChildContent Clemence (1667 - 1696)
ChildElizabeth Clemence (1673 - 1737)