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William Witter

(December 17, 1584 - May 5, 1659)

William Witter was born in England about 1584 and came to America as early as 1639 probably to Swampscott or Lynn, Massachusetts. ‘The first settlers of Lynn were principally farmers and possessed a large stock of horned cattle, sheep and goats.’ Witter married Annis Churchman, was a Baptist and in Court many times because of his association with Baptist leaders, Obadiah Holmes, John Crandall and John Clarke. In 1651 the three met at Witter’s home and were arrested. Roger Williams wrote a letter to the gov’r asking for religious freedom. (which is what the new world was supposed to be founded on?)


BirthDecember 17, 1584Essex, England
ArrivalAbt, 1629Lynn, British America
MarriageAbt, 1630Annis Churchman
Residence1630Lynn, British America
CivilJuly 21, 1651Boston, British America
CivilApril 15, 1657Land purchase
DeathMay 5, 1659Lynn, British America
ProbateNovember 15, 1659Essex, British America
BurialAvery Cemetery, Preston City, New London, Connecticut, United States


SpouseAnnis Churchman (1616 - 1659)
ChildJosiah Joseph Witter (1638 - 1690)