Individual Details

Robert Hale

(1607 - July 16, 1659)

Robert Hale came to America in 1630, maybe with the Winthrop Fleets. He married Joanna (maybe last name Cutter) they had children. Joanna and Robert were founding members of the Charlestown Church of Christ, Robert a Deacon. He was admitted to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company. His will includes an inventory he owned books, he left lands and what not to his wife and kids -one third to my wife, the remainder into five parts, my will is that my sons be brought up in learning and then be put to such trades, my daughters Mary and Joanna the remaining parts, pastor may have next swarm of bees-. His lands included farms, orchards and bees! One of his descendants was Nathan Hale, American Revolution hero and spy.


Birth1607England, United Kingdom
Arrival1630Salem, British America
MarriageOctober 14, 1632Massachusetts, British America - Joanna Cutter
ReligionNovember 2, 1632Charlestown, British America
CivilMay 14, 1634Freeman - Massachusetts, British America
Civil1644Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company
WillJune 26, 1647
DeathJuly 16, 1659Charlestown, British America
ProbateOctober 4, 1659


SpouseJoanna Cutter (1603 - 1681)
ChildMary Hale (1639 - 1696)
ChildJohn Hale (1636 - 1700)