Individual Details

John Connable

(1650 - 1724)

John was born in London, parents unknown. He married 3 times, Sarah Cloyes was his 2nd wife and mother of all his children. 1st wifes name is unknown they married in England she died in America, his 3rd wife Martha Hely survived him. He was a cabinet maker, a carpenter and a tything man- arresting Sabbath travelers. He fought in King Philips War at the Battle of Turner Falls which earned him land. It is written that all Connables in early America descend from this John Connable- last names spelled many different ways.


Birth1650London, England
Arrival1674Boston, British America
Civil11 Nov 1678Boston, British America
Civil1686Taxes - Boston, British America
Civil1688Taxes - Boston, British America
Marriage13 Mar 1688Salem, British America - Sarah Cloyes
Religion9 Feb 1689Joined Old South Church - Boston, British America
Civil15 May 1690Freeman - Boston, British America
Civil1691Taxes - Boston, British America
Civil1695Taxes - Boston, British America
Marriage10 Dec 1700Boston, British America - Martha Hely
Will1724Boston, British America
Death1724Boston, British America
MilitaryKing Philip War, Battle of Turner Falls
OccupationCabinet maker, carpenter and joiner
OccupationTything man several years, arrested Sabbath travelers


SpouseSarah Cloyes (1666 - 1700)
ChildSamuel Connable (1689 - 1746)
SpouseMartha Hely (1660 - 1720)