Individual Details

Sarah Bulkeley

(12 Aug 1640 - 1723)

Sarah Bulkeley was born in Concord and left with her family for Connecticut because of a break in the Concord religious community. Both her grandparents were pastors, famous in their time: John Jones and Peter Bulkeley. Sarah married Eleazer Brown. She was mentioned in her mom's will and inherited several books. She was a widow at about age 73 and lived 10 more years as a widow. Sarah and Eleazer were buried in a cemetery in New Haven. At some point all the headstones and remains were moved (with relative permission) and a monument was placed in the burial spot.


Birth12 Aug 1640Concord, British America
Residence1644New Haven, British America
Marriage1663New Haven, British America - Eleazer Brown
Civil1683Mom's will
Widow1714New Haven, British America
Will1723New Haven, British America
Death1723New Haven, British America
Probate14 Mar 1723New Haven, British America
BurialCenter Church on the Green, New Haven, Connecticut, United States


SpouseEleazer Brown (1642 - 1714)
ChildRebecca Brown (1684 - 1768)
ChildHannah Brown (1674 - 1717)
FatherThomas Bulkeley (1617 - 1658)
MotherSarah Jones (1619 - 1683)