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John Waddell

(1630 - March, 1676)

John Waddell came from Scotland sailed to America on the James and Sara perhaps as a prisoner "Scotch prisoners amnesty by Parliament 20 Oct 1651 provision they be transported at their own expense to the colonies, slated from London, inspected at gravesend. Prisoners sold to Mr Thomas Kimball of Charlestown. Mr Samuel Richardson bought John Woodall." On September 30 Cromwell shattered the royalist army and took prisoners. Correspondence shows that many prisoners were transported to New england where Puritans had established a colony. A list of 272 passengers follows, a John Woodall and Wodell, certified “Ther persons afore passed from hence n the ship afore mentioned and are according to order registered heare. Dat Search office Gravesend 8th November 1651.In the Jno and Sara of London, scotch prisonrs free by ordnance of Parliament 20th October 1651. Prisoners were sold, some to Thomas Kemble, some to Samuel Richardson, Richardson bought John W. Richardson died, John Wattles, service, Five pounds is listed in R’s inventory: Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991 for Samuel Richardson, Middlesex Probate Papers, No 19111-19216, image 65 of 1250, John Waddell imge 68, -for service of servants there time to come item for John Wattles, service five pounds. As a rule Scots were sold for twenty pounds for a term of eight years.-

When free John settled in Chelmsford, was granted land, married, had a family. then in February, March and April of 1676 King Philips war came to Chelmsford, homes were burned, people killed. John was -numbered among the fallen-.


Arrival1652Boston, British America
Civil1658Boston, British America
MarriageDecember 25, 1666Chelmsford, British America - Mary Goole
DeathMarch, 1676Chelmsford, British America
BurialCanton Corner Cemetery, Canton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Cause of deathMurdered, King Philips War


SpouseMary Goole (1651 - 1687)
ChildMary Waddel (1668 - 1730)