Individual Details

Johann Gebhart Hibshman

(June, 1713 - July, 1771)

Johann could have been born in Switzerland or in Germany, various spellings of his last name make records confused. It is pretty likely that he was in America with his family by 1734, in Pennsylvania. It is almost sure that his daughter Elizabeth married Conrad Meinzer and they had a daughter Fronica or Verona Meinzer Druckenbord


BirthJune, 1713Switzerland
Arrival1730United States
Marriage1732Switzerland - Ann Elizabeth Unknown Hibshman
ArrivalSeptember 27, 1737United States
DeathJuly, 1771Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States


SpouseAnn Elizabeth Unknown Hibshman (1713 - 1780)
ChildElizabeth Hibshman (1740 - 1800)
ChildWendel Hibshman (1740 - 1819)