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(1758 - 3 Apr 1836)


Birth1758Augusta, Virginia, United States
MilitaryBet 1776 and 1780for 3 months under Capt. Wm Colbert and Col. Patrick Lockhart and 3 months under Capt. Alex Henley and Col. Morgan
Military1778Botetourt, Botetourt, Virginia, United States
Militaryfor 3 mos. under Capt. Alex Henley and Col. Morgan
Marriage1779Montgomery, Virginia, United States - Rebecca ANDERSON
Will-shared7 Apr 1779(John CRAWFORD) Montgomery, Virginia, United States
ChildParent-shared1780(Anne CRAWFORD)
Land EntryJun 1782Madison, Virginia, United States
Marriage1783Virginia, United States - Rebecca ANDERSON
ChildParent-sharedMay 1784(William CRAWFORD)
Land-Purch19 Apr 1786land from Thomas Kennedy containing 200 acres on Paint Lick Creek adjoining the John Kennedy station - Lincoln, Virginia, United States
ChildParent-sharedJun 1786(Mary "Polly" CRAWFORD)
Tax1787Madison,Virginia, United States
JurorAug 1787Madison, Virginia, United States
Tax1788Madison, Virginia, United States
Land-Sold26 Aug 1788being 50 acres on Paint Lick Creek for 50 pounds to David Rice - Madison, Virginia, United States
Tax1789Madison, Virginia, United States
ChildParent-shared1788(Isaac CRAWFORD)
Marriage1790Rebecca ANDERSON
ChildParent-shared4 Mar 1790(James Maxwell CRAWFORD)
Tax1791Madison, Virginia, United States
Tax1792Madison, Kentucky, United States
ChildParent-sharedApr 1792(Elizabeth CRAWFORD)
Tax1794Madison, Kentucky, United States
Tax1795Madison, Kentucky, United States
Tax1796Madison, Kentucky, United States
ResidenceBet 1797 and 1800appointed surveyor of the road - Garrard, Kentucky, United States
ChildParent-shared1795(Jane CRAWFORD)
Residence1798Garrard, Kentucky, United States
Land-Sold3 Oct 1798being two hundred acres of land on Silver Creek, the balance of six hundred acres obtained in two surveys by John Anderson, deceased - Madison, Kentucky, United States
Tax1800Garrard, Kentucky, United States
ChildParent-shared1802(Cynthia CRAWFORD)
ResidenceMar 1811Jefferson, Indiana Territory, United States
Land Entry4 Feb 1812Jeffersonville, Clark, Indiana, United States
Land-Sold12 Nov 1812Garrard, Kentucky, United States
Land Entry5 May 1814of Garrard County, Kentucky made full payment for the Northeast quarter of Section number twenty-nine of township number four North in Range number ten East of the second principal meridian - Jefferson, Indiana, United States
Land-Sold4 Aug 1815on Irvin’s branch of Creek part of section number twenty nine of township number four north of range number ten east - Jefferson, Indian Territory, United States
Residence1820with 1 male over 45, 2 females 16 thru 25, 1 female over 45 who was listed as James Crawford - Jefferson, Indiana, United States
Land-Purch20 Oct 1820lot #80 in town of Vernon from John & Polly Vawter - Jennings, Indiana, United States
Residence1826Madison Township, Jefferson, Indiana, United States
Land-Sold7 Apr 1826being the NE quarter of section 29 in township number 4 north of range number ten east to James M. Crawford - Jefferson, Indiana, United States
Death3 Apr 1836Jefferson, Indiana, United States
BurialAft 1836Hebron Cemetery, Jefferson, Indiana, United States


SpouseRebecca ANDERSON (1761 - 1840)
ChildAnne CRAWFORD (1780 - )
ChildWilliam CRAWFORD (1784 - 1864)
ChildMary "Polly" CRAWFORD (1786 - 1834)
ChildIsaac CRAWFORD (1790 - )
ChildJames Maxwell CRAWFORD (1790 - 1856)
ChildElizabeth CRAWFORD (1792 - 1866)
ChildJane CRAWFORD (1796 - )
ChildCynthia CRAWFORD (1802 - )
FatherJames CRAWFORD (1724 - 1765)
SiblingJohn CRAWFORD (1748 - 1779)
SiblingWilliam CRAWFORD (1748 - 1809)
Sibling_____ CRAWFORD ( - )