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Anna "Annie" Alpern

(31 Mar 1912 - 8 Oct 2004)

mail of WCT 11/12/1998:

During 1939 Anne worked as a secretary at the Jewish Center in Vienna. Urged by her parents she was able to move her own visa application forward slightly. However, she still had a struggle to get an exit permit, boat ticket and proof of overseas support. With her parents now insisting that they should be left behind she departed alone and by herself for the USA by ship in December 1939. Safely in the USA, George Turkel and Anne Halpern were married in October 1941.


Birth31 Mar 1912
Marriage1941George "Georg" Turkel
Death8 Oct 2004Oak Park, Oakland, MI 48237
OccupationLoma Knitting Mills
ResidenceOak Park, Oakland, MI 48237, United States
ResidenceDetroit, MI
Soc Sec No142-14-4731, NJ
Address24640 Church St., Oak Park, MI 48237, United States


SpouseGeorge "Georg" Turkel (1905 - 1996)
ChildHarvey A Turkel (1944 - 2020)
ChildSusan Ruth Turkel (1951 - 2010)