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Chaje Türkel

(4 Nov 1875 - Aft 21 Sep 1942)

it's unknwon whether Turkel is her ?maiden or marriage name (if she was married at all)

Chaje, Fiege and Helene from should be close relatives
they were all deported in June-July 1942 from Wien, Austria to Theresienstadt


Birth4 Nov 1875
ResidenceBef 22 Jul 1942Vídeň 2, Nestroygasse 10/5, Vienna (Wien), Austria
DESTINATION22 Jul 1942Transport IV/5, no. 18 - from Vienna, Austria to Theresienstadt, Czech
DESTINATION21 Sep 1942Transport Bp, no. 635 - from Terezín, Czech to Treblinka, Poland
DeathAft 21 Sep 1942Murdered in The Holocaust; Treblinka