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Rose Turkel

(Bet 1894 and 1900 - Bet 1975 and 1980)

could be same Rose Turkel b: 1900 in Kapsy

Here's a letter from her grandson Fran (Jankel) Romeo Mon, 2 Sep 2002 08:37:40 EDT:

I was born in 1945 and was named Jacob (Yankel), so that my
great-grandfather was not alive at that time. His daughter Rose was my
grandmother. She was on Social Security when she died in the 1970's and could
have been in Florida at the time with her daughter. She had a brother that I
knew but I can't remember his name. She may have had a sister. I'll try to
find out.
Bubbie Rose married Moe Diamond. They lived in Harlem and then Brooklyn.
They had seven daughters:
Goldie, Ruth(my mother), Pearl, Jackie, Leona, Abbey, and Isabelle.
My mother married Frank Romeo. I am their only child.
I will try to get better information from my godmother, but everyone in my
family was called by their Yiddish names or nicknames and all the women lied
about their age which makes it difficult to trace them. They also seldom
talked about Europe. I believe they left Russia because someone had to serve
in the army. They went to Austria where my grandmother was born. Then they
came to America. They had relatives in Providence R.I. and Detroit. my
grandmother did mention that she worked as a maid in R.I..
Frank Romeo


BirthBet 1894 and 1900Kapsy, Ausrto-Hungary
ResidenceBet 1900 and 1920Providence, Rhode Island
Immigration18 Aug 1903arrived at Ellis Island from Rotterdam, on ship Noordam
ResidenceBet 1910 and 1930Harlem, NY
Census1910Rhode Island
Occupation1910Jeweler - Providence, Rhode Island, United States
OccupationBet 1920 and 1930Maid in RI
ResidenceBet 1930 and 1980Brooklyn, NY
DeathBet 1975 and 1980


SpouseMoe Diamond (1900 - 1975)
ChildGoldie Diamond (1917 - )
ChildRuth Diamond
ChildPearl Diamond
ChildLeona Diamond
ChildJackie Diamond
ChildAbby Diamond
ChildIsabelle Diamond
FatherJacob Turkel (1854 - 1925)
MotherGoldie TURKEL (1850 - 1916)
SiblingEva Turkel (1872 - )
SiblingIda Adela Turkel (1891 - 1959)
SiblingEsther Turkel (1883 - )
SiblingMorris "Moses" Turkel (1892 - )