Individual Details

Ber Tirkel

(Abt 1888 - Unknown)

The following residents of Bolwchow were on the same ship, Rhein:
0002. Kirschenbaum, Berl M 60y M Galicy Bolechow
0003. Kirschenbaum, Cilie F 42y M Galicy Bolechow
0004. Kirchenbaum, Chaje F 19y S Galicy Bolechow
0005. Kirschenbaum, Rebecka F 10y S Galicy Bolechow
0006. Tirkel, Ber M 14y S Galicy Bolechow (this boy who likely travelled all the way with the rest)
0007. Neubauer, Moische M 9y S Galicy Bolechow


BirthAbt 1888Bolechow, Galicia, Austria-Hungary
Immigration3 Feb 1902arrived at Ellis Island from Bremen, Germany
DeathUnknownUnited States (likely)