Individual Details

Charles John Turkle

(Ca 1760 - Ca 1840)

Father of John Thurkld who immigrated in 1818 from North Irland to Boston. His surname, Thurkld is written on the cover of a family bible. Currently there are no Turkle family records in Ireland since they were all destroyed in the uprisings of 1914. In the 1990's it was confirmed that this Turkle clan (some of them have had Hebrew names) are descendants of "Black Irish" having Danish roots. See a complementary information via the "Nordic clan" link.


BirthCa 1760Longfield, Armagh, Ireland
DeathCa 1840Ireland
Alt nameJohn Thurkeld
Alt nameCharles John Thurkield


SpouseCatherine Bostings (1762 - 1790)
ChildJoseph Turkle (1782 - 1855)
ChildMary Turkle (1783 - 1855)
ChildNancy Turkle (1788 - 1869)
ChildJohn Turkle Sr (1789 - 1872)
ChildCatherine Turkle (1791 - 1835)