Individual Details

Sophie Kamofsky (Kahn)

(14 Mar 1907 - 22 Apr 1996)

1. Could be the wife of Ben Terkel born 1913
2. Could be the same person born 14/3/1907 died 22/4/1996


Birth14 Mar 1907
Marriage29 Jun 1930Bronx, New York, New York, United States - Meyer Terkel
Residence1935New York, New York, United States
Residence1940StreetAddress: West 188 Street; Age: 33; AttendedSchool: No; EmploymentCode: 5; EmploymentDetails: Home Housework; EmploymentHistory: No; EnumerationDistrict: 31-2047; GradeCompleted: High School, 4th year; Income: 0; IncomeOtherSources: No; IsEmployed: No; PublicEmergencyWork: No; ResidenceFarmNineteenThirtyFive: No; Respondent: Yes; SeekingWork: No; WeeksWorked: 0; MaritalStatus: Married; RelationToHead: Wife - New York Ad23, New York, New York, New York, United States
Soc Sec No1954084-30-9792 NY
Death31 Mar 1958Springfield Gardens, Queens, New York, United States
Death22 Apr 1996Albany, New York 12203, United States
Alt nameSofie Turkel
Residence12203 - Albany, New York, United States