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Mordechai Terkel

(Bet 1795 and 1805 - Bet 1822 and 1880)

Mordechai is likely a descendant of Peretz Turkl, son of Solomon (Shlomo) ha-Sepharadi of New Rausnitz,
Shlomo had been kidnapped as a child by the Turks according to a legend:

This Mordechai Terkel could be the same person (or a cousin of)
Mordechai Turkl (the father of Israel-Menachem Turkl of Trembowla).

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BirthBet 1795 and 1805
MarriageBet 1815 and 1822Bela (unknown maiden)
DeathBet 1822 and 1880


SpouseBela (unknown maiden) (1795 - 1822)
ChildIssac Terkel (1822 - )