Individual Details

Salomo b. Jacob "Šlomo" Munian Terk`l (little Turkl)

(Abt 1679 - 14 Mar 1750)

Rabbi Salomo b. Jacob "The Sephardi" is believed to be the founder of the Turkl dynesty.
His son Perez kept the his nick name Terk`l that was given to Salomo following his returning form capticity by Turkish forces, when he was a boy, at age of 7-9.
Salomo despite the pressure imposed on him has never converted to Islam.


BirthAbt 1679Rousinov (Neurausnitz), Czech
ResidenceEst 1688 - 1689Kidnapped by the Ottoman forces at age of 7 and half was in captivity for a year and half - Great Turkish War, Belgrad, Primorje-Gorski, Croatia
OccupationEst 1718 - 1750The Rabinical Judge of New Rausnitz - Rousinov (Neurausnitz), Czech
ResidenceBef 1718Schaffa / Safov
BurialMar 1750R0683, Rousinov (Neurausnitz), Czech
Death14 Mar 1750Rousinov (Neurausnitz), Czech
Occupationrabbi of Safov and Rosinov; writer,


SpouseSarah "Sorel" Brück (1680 - 1755)
ChildPerez b. Salomo Manian - Türkl (1710 - 1750)
FatherJacob Munian (1640 - 1680)