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Louis I "Studs" Terkel

(16 May 1912 - 31 Oct 2008)

Education.. University of Chicago, Ph.B., 1932, J.D., 1934.
CAREER.. Worked as a civil service employee in Washington, DC, and as a
stage actor and movie house manager during the 1930s and 1940s; host of
interview show Wax Museum on radio station WFMT, Chicago, IL, 1945--.
Moderator of television program Studs' Place, Chicago, 1950-53. Actor in
stage plays, including Detective Story, 1950, A View from the Bridge, 1958,
Light Up the Sky, 1959, and The Cave Dwellers, 1960. Master of ceremonies at
New-port Folk Festival, 1959 and 1960, Ravina Music Festival, Ravina, IL,
1959, University of Chicago Folk Festival, 1961, and others. Also columnist
and narrator of films.

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Birth16 May 1912Bronx, New York, New York, United States
Residence19201721 Bathgate Ave, Bronx, New York, New York, United States
Graduation1928High School
Marriage2 Jul 1939Ida E Goldberg
Email2008Obsolete -;;, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Death31 Oct 200860640 - Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Alt nameStuds Terkel
OccupationColumnist, Interviewer and Actor (see notes)
Soc Sec No360-09-0774 IL
Residence60640 - 850 West Castlewood,, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States


SpouseIda E Goldberg (1912 - 1999)
ChildDan Terkell
FatherSam "Samuel" Terkel (1877 - 1931)
MotherAnna Finkel (1877 - 1963)
SiblingChackel Terkel (1900 - 1903)
SiblingMeyer Terkel (1905 - 1958)
SiblingBen Terkel (1907 - 1965)
SiblingFanny Terkel (1910 - 1924)