Individual Details

Lena Novogrodsky

(1883 - Abt 1945)

Allison Levineher g-grandaughter wrotes:

"My Great Grandmother was Lena Turkel. "

"One of my fondest memories of her is when I was
sitting in a parlor in an apartment in NYC, holding
her hand and talking with her, and playing with the
ring that was on her finger. Her ring was not tight
on her finger and would spin easily, but the ring
would not come off because her knuckles were too

"In order to get to this apartment in NYC, you needed
to walk through a courtyard with a large garden. Then
you would turn right, walk through the garden and into
the building. After that I don't remember. Having
grown up in Long Island, I thought this large secluded
garden was very special."


Immigration1892Census 1930
Marriage25 Dec 1901Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States - Albert Terkel
Census (family)1915Providence, Rhode Island, United States - Albert Terkel
Census192059 Plannet Ave., Bristol, Rhode Island, United States
Census1930Manhattan, New York, United States
Marriage21 Jun 1930Kings, New York, United States - Herman Terkel - Turkel
DeathAbt 1945United States
Alt nameLea Terkel


SpouseAlbert Terkel (1873 - 1926)
ChildAnna Ruth Turkel ( - 1979)
ChildIrving Stanley Turkel (1907 - 1993)
ChildHerbert Turkel (1905 - 2007)
ChildEsther Keren Turkel (1908 - 1986)
ChildFlorence Paula Turkel (1910 - 1983)
ChildReeven Joseph Turkel (1912 - 1992)
ChildSonia R Turkel
ChildHope T Turkel (1922 - 2000)
SpouseHerman Terkel - Turkel (1882 - )
FatherJoseph Novogrodsky (1845 - )
MotherSarah NOVOGORDSKI (1845 - )