Individual Details

Salomon "Schmiel" Türkel

(Ca 1830 - Bet 1865 and 1900)

His middle name could be Mendel. It's unclear why in a few Family Tree his nickname is mentioned as "Schmiel", could be his son's name/

Possible ancestors and ties:

Salomon is the founder of the SAMSters dynesty;
could be a descendant of Peretz Turkel,
son of Solomon (Shlomo) ha-Sepharadi of New Rausnitz,
who had been kidnapped as a child by the Turks according to a legend:

Otherwise, Salomon could be a son of Mordechai (Markel) Turkl
and if so, a borther of Israel Menachem Alter of Trembowla.


BirthCa 1830Tarnopol, Galicia, Austria-Hungary
DeathBet 1865 and 1900
Alt nameShmuel Turkel


SpouseNachamer Krohl (1833 - 1865)
ChildShmuel Türkel (1860 - 1913)
ChildBetti Türkel (1860 - 1927)
ChildBernhard "The Caterer" Türkel (1864 - )
ChildLeah Türkel (1855 - 1900)