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Gershon Turkel

(1855 - Ca 1943)

In Memory
Remember our beloved parents, who were murdered in the Shoah:
Sara Fuchs, daughter of Esther and Gerschon Turkel
Leib Fuchs, son of Yosef and Jocheved
To remember forever our brother
Jakov Fuchs, son of Leib and Sara Fuchs
Who went through the Circles of Hell of the Shoah.
He survived and died of a heart attack at only age 59.


Birth1855Jezierna (Jeziernia, Ozara, Ozernia), Tarnopol District, Galicia, Austria-Hungary
Residence1880House Number 341, Jezierna (Jeziernia, Ozara, Ozernia), Tarnopol District, Galicia, Austria-Hungary
DeathCa 1943Holocaust victim - Ozerna, Ukraine - Memorial book of Jezierna, exact place and date unknown
Alt nameGerschon Terkel
Alt nameGerson Turkel
Alt nameGerchan Turkl
Alt nameGerschan Turkl


SpouseEsther Yehudit Packet (1855 - 1942)
ChildYetta "Ides" Turkel (1878 - 1969)
ChildMoses Turkel (1880 - )
ChildBaruch Benjamin Turkel Turkle (1881 - 1938)
ChildSarah Turkel (1891 - 1942)
ChildNathan Turkel (1895 - 1942)