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Emanuel Wilhelm Turkel

(3 Jul 1911 - 15 May 1988)

Testimony by Inacio Steinhardt:

"I have known Immanuel Turkel around 1942/3, when I was 9 or 10 years old.
He was a refugee in Portugal and used to visit our home quite often.
Turkel was an engineer, of Polish origin, but he came from France. His wife
was French and they a little daughter.
I believe that the couple separated still in Portugal, and Immanuel and the
girl emigrated further to the USA.
I know he was in touch with an old friend of us, a Mr. I Wakman, that came
also from Portugal, and that he lived in New York, from where he used to
write to us."

"I would imagine that when I met him, Mr. Turkel would be on his late 30'd.

Being a refugee, I suppose that he had to renew his residence permit every
month, and be told every time that he would have to leave the country within
30 days. So I would say that he emigrated to the US as soon as he got a visa
and probably in 1944 at the latest.

As I said he used to write to my father, at least once a year for Rosh
Hashana. I was in New York for the first time around 1967. I met the Wakmans
and if I am not wrong I spoke then to Mr. Turkel over the phone.

While writing to you I looked at an old address book and I found:

Emmanuel Turkel - 51 Fifth Avenue - New York NY 10003 (so probably this was
the spelling). I figure that this was a business address. I am sure that he
came from France and probably married there.

Mr. Wackman died a long time ago. He had three daughters who also are not so
young anymore. The two oldest must be now on their 85s. But he had a younger
daughter, born in Portugal around 1940 and she lives in Israel. She will
probably remember Emmanuel Turkel. She lives in Ramat Gan and her name is
Mrs. Margalit Zwibel.

I have just made a search in the Social Security death index and I found a:

Emanuel Turkel - born 3-July-1911 - died 15-May-1988 in New York NY 10003

So this must be him."


Birth3 Jul 1911Zacerkiewna 7, Tarnopol, Galicia, Austria-Hungary
EducationAbt 1929Gymnasium, Lwow, Poland
EducationAbt 1938Bordeaux Univ, France
Military1940 - 1945French Army in WWII - France
Arrival7 Sep 1948Age: 37 - from Lisbon Portugal on Ship: Nea Hellas, New York, New York, United States
Soc Sec NoBef 1951125-24-7102, NY - New York, New York, United States
ResidenceUntil 198851 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, United States
Death15 May 198810003 - New York, New York, United States


SpouseFrancescka Hecht (1905 - )
ChildSherry Barbara Turkel
FatherHersch Turkel (1873 - 1937)
MotherLea Bassia Taub-Wartenberg (1876 - )
SiblingLeon Turkel (1900 - )
SiblingMina Turkel (1902 - 1903)
SiblingRaisel Turkel (1903 - )
SiblingGusta Adella Turkel (1907 - )
Sibling┼╗anetta Turkel (1910 - )