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Our Ancestors and Kin.
Publications and Documents:
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2. The Ancestors of James Justice of Gilbert, Logan County, West Virginia by Harlan Justice 1982.
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4. More stories about Gilbert, West Virginia and Surrounding Communities by Colonel (Retired) Darrell G. Brumfield and Richard N. Ellis 1995, Gateway Press Inc, Baltimore, MD.
5. Lucy Inez Justice-Campbell's Family Bible Record.
6. Williams Family Bible Record
7. State Vital and Census Records.
8. Quaker Encyclopedia of Genealogy.
9. Broadfoot's Index of Confederate Soldiers
10. South Carolina Patriots
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0.2 cu. ft.
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13. To know one another-Some Virginia Smiths ---1738-1985 and Kin. Carroll County(VA) Twelve Generations --- Arnette Smith Cobb.
14. Southwest Virginia Kin by Ethel Evens Albert Vol. I 1977.
Genealogist Contributions:
Viola Slone-Justice-Wright of Jenkins, KY
Melvin "Jack" Cyfers Jr. of Man, Logan County, WVa
Thomas Justice of Merietta, GA
James Larry Harless, of Hixon, TN
Grant Frederick Smith of Lexington, NC
Susan Ferrell-Courtney of Delbarton, WVa
Jo Ann Gibson of Toppenish, WA
Janet Stewart of Ashland, KY
Georgia Harless-Hornbuckle of Texas
Joni Bilbrey Smith of Everett, WA
Rebecca Justice-Chamberlain of Winchester, KY
Daniel Justice of Bristol, TN
Judy Justice McKinney of Rock, W.Va.



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