Madison County Iowa Family Tree

Let us help you put some leaves on YOUR family tree.

The Madison County Iowa Family Tree has been created from information gathered at the website, such as census, birth, marriage, and death records. Obituary information is added weekly for those individuals that are connected to Madison County.  If you are new to this tree, we encourage you to click on the Help tab.
= = Contents = = The goal is to include everyone who has lived in Madison County but exclude descendants and ancestors who did not. Women are stored in the file by their maiden name. If a family lived in Madison County and had offspring here but then moved away, siblings of those offspring born after they moved away will be included. If they moved away before having any offspring at all, then no offspring will be included.

= = Sourcing = = When the tree was started, over 20 years ago, sources were not included.  In the past few years, we have added sources as we have reason to visit any particular branch of the tree. Our goal is not to source every fact but to source at least one as a clue to assist you in your search for more information about your ancestor. Usually that source is the obituary that can be found on

= = Accuracy = = While the Coordinators strive for accurate information, our sources may be in error or we may mistype. Please feel free to verify this data with your own research.

= = Photo credit = = The original Delicious apple tree, a genetic variation of an apple tree planted by Jesse Hiatt near Peru, Madison County, Iowa in the 1870s, first bearing fruit in 1880. Photo, from an early 1900s winter, courtesy of the Madison County Historical Society.



County Coordinator, Kent Transier

Asst. County Coordinator, Linda Griffith Smith

last updated 2021-11-28