Knickerbocker Family - 1850 Census

Every Knickerbocker is related.
This is a flat file database which will eventually include all the 150 Knickerbocker families present in the 1850 Federal Census. This was the first census where each individual was enumerated - and I believe is the most useful grouping of family information for identifying those "brick wall" ancestors. With more genealogists turning to DNA studies, this style database best augments those investigations.
On-Line Source information is provided as links that are available at the bottom of the "Person" or "Individual" page. Census information is available at the Head of Household for that year - or the wife if she is the Knickerbocker.
I will add existing genealogies to attempt to provide linkages between the various Knickerbocker families – both before and after the base 1850 era. They include:
·         The VanAlstyne from the 1907 era NYG&B
·         Portions of the 1970 era Fred Chamberlain genealogy  (unsourced)
·         About 40 GEDCOMs and genealogies in my possession from the 1990s.
I welcome additional material such as original source information, additional links or GEDCOMs of unknown or female lines. I do not have the resources to undertake individual research and everything I have will be available on this site.

Howard Knickerbocker



Howard Knickerbocker

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