Turkel Tribe family trees - חקר משפחות טרקל, טורקל, טירקל

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This website is devoted to the research of Türkel (Türkl) families from The Kingdom of Galicia - Austro-Hungarian Empire (1772-1918). Between World Wars (1918-1939) the area was governed by Poland, after WW2 (1939-1991) it was occupied by the USSR and since 1991 this area has been governed by Ukraine.

The name Türkl has been arbitrarily written with spelling variations like: Turkl, Turkle, Tuerkel, Turkell, Turchel, Terkl, Terkel, Tirkel, Tirkell, Tierkel, Tyrkel, Torkel, etc.

Below we refer to the puzzle, why are Jewish Türkel folks from central Europe affiliated with a Turkish surname, meaning "the hand of the Turk" or "the land of the Turk"?

The earliest known reference to a Jewish fellow named Türkel is Itzhak (Issac) Tirkel of Lwow (Poland), who was murdered in June 1596, while he was on his way from Yas (Romania) to Eretz Ha`Yishme-elim ארץ הישמעאלים (i.e. the Land of the Muslims = Turkey).

According to a later legend, our family's surname was adopted by Perez (פרץ Peretz, ca. 1740-80), son of Rabbi Salomon (Shlomo) ha-Sepharadi (of Spain) and a grandson to Rabbi Jacob Munian from Krakow, who became the Rabbi of Neu Rausnitz (Rousínov), Czech (ca. 1710-30). The reference to this story is presented in our 'Turkel Tribe' website (see a link below).

So far we have found Turkel "dynesties" some of them extending up to 11 generations. We could not match them all, but we are quite confident that they are family related because they share almost the same heritage.

Our main 'Turkel Tribe' website (see a link below) includes information and stories about additional Turkel folks (not directly affiliated with our clan), including pages dedicated to the history, maps, name origins, famous Turkels etc.

If you have additional information, wish to make a comment or a correction, please refer to the contact address below.

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