Brown Edge

There are, without doubt, some things wrong on here as information available is constantly being updated. With over 25,000 peope on here its enevitable I suppose. When I started collecting this info 20 years ago information was not so available so help in correcting this would be appreciated.
I have over 8 Mountford families on here and they are my best attempt, but I know they are wrong. It's just so confusing so again if you have any info that would be welcome.
The Tomkinsons had several people who were cousins and born in the same year which is difficult. The Fosters are the same and the Hancocks/Handcocks are also challenging for the same reason.
Strangely enough because of a lack of census data the early 1900's ie our grandparents are also difficult to tie in so help here is invaluable. All the information contained here is in the public domain but I have not included details of people alive at the moment because they are automatically made private.
If you would like to tie your family into the tree (and if your grandparents were born on the village then we will be able to add them) then please pass the details on to me.
I am hoping that better display software will soon be available showing pedigree information for everyone. but you should start by looking at your family name and checking if you recognise anyone.



Peter Turner

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